3D Printing Stinks! Harmful fumes confirmed in latest research.

Written By Rachel Spieczny - February 01 2016


February 05 2016

Sure you can buy ABS to use in your MakerBot, but you’re gonna have a helluva time printing with it unless you’ve got the 2X. Every other MB printer is designed to be used with PLA.

February 05 2016

Thanks John. You are absolutely right! When you purchase a Makerbot Replicator for $3887.99 you get a 10 pack of PLA filament (http://store.makerbot.com/replicator). This is great news because users will start with PLA right off the bat. When you need to buy refills, you can purchase either PLA or ABS for $48 in the MakerBot store. It’s our hope here at Clean Strands that consumers will buy PLA, not ABS. And further, we hope that MakerBot will start selling and promoting even more eco-friendly filaments and discontinue selling ABS altogether. Thanks for sharing you comments. Please keep in touch!

February 04 2016

I’m an educator that uses MakerBot and it’s a shame to see you trash a brand just out of your own financial interests. The below paragraph is patently false.
MakerBots current Replicator Series use PLA, not ABS. Get it right.

“a school that has just invested in a new set of Makerbots will only buy their filament from Makerbot, as they do not want to risk their warranty. And with no knowledge about emissions or toxic chemicals, that school will purchase the least expensive filament, which of course is ABS.”

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